Accountability Partner- You Can’t Do It ALONE

April 9, 2016


A lot of us may be good at setting goals and getting ourselves hyped to do them.  However, there is something about the execution that is missing.  We out here in these streets writing the most amazing outlines for amazing lives, projects, and businesses that will never be fully written.  Even if you are having trouble getting this amazing outline, no problem…Just click below.



However, once you get past that, there is only one question to ask..

But, who gon’ check you, boo?

This is why you NEED an accountability partner.

What is an accountability partner?

i dont know be fearce

An accountability partner is someone who is a peer and is taking similar strides as you are in whatever venture with which you are seeking accountability.  This person will help you grow and achieve by holding you accountable and making sure you are on track to meet your goals and other commitments.  As well, you will be this for each other.  You will be helping each other better through the relationship and the support and feedback given.

It can be overwhelming to think you now need someone to unload all your amazing dreams upon.  You don’t have to share all your goals with your partner.  You don’t even have to have just one partner.

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If you know someone who is striving for financial freedom, have them be your financial accountability partner.  If another friend is trying to lose weight, they can be your weight loss partner.  Or, you may have someone who can be it all.

Either way, having someone to check in on you will help you be able to march towards your goals.  When things go wrong, this person can be someone who will totally understand what’s happening.  They will be able to provide you with exactly what you need to help you get though.

accountability partner be fearce


They’ll know if you need a moment to just cry it out but also be able to help you pull it back together so that you don’t give up.

Think about what you need from someone as an accountability partner.  Do you need someone who is going to comfort you?  Motivate you? Give you constructive criticism?  Pray for you? Mentor you?

Make a list and choose wisely.

Do you have an accountability partner?

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