Are you Studying for FAILURE?

July 5, 2016


In most things, we know we have to study.  Studying, applying, and learning are the steps we go through before we can master something.  Even when we have a natural talent for something we always need to study our craft.  The problem is that sometimes it's easy to get stuck in this part of the cycle.  It's easy to end up being a lifetime scholar of something but you never put it into action.  Studying a concept only really turns into learning when you start to apply the things you studied. 


Studying a concept only really turns into learning when you start to apply the things you studied. Click To Tweet

When you're able to do that you are able to see where you need to focus on more studying or more fine tuning.  I tell this to my students all the time.  I say "Listening to me lecture for hours isn't going to be what gets you the scores you need.  Applying this lesson and doing the work will get you the scores.  No you won't be perfect at first but you'll find exactly what you need to work on and what you need to ask me to help you study".

goal digger studying for failure

This concept works for everything.  We get caught up in thinking that we can't put something out until it's perfect or putting something out that is a work in progress shows that we don't know what we're talking about.  None of that is true.  I talk about this more in my Impostor Syndrome post.  There was a first generation iPhone before there was the iPhone 6S.  There was original Nintendo before there was the Wii.  Without actually taking the leap and creating and creating and tweaking, we wouldn't get to the point we are at now and definitely wouldn't keep moving forward. 

So, check out these videos.  Get some inspiration and CREATE SOMETHING TODAY! 

are you studying for failure

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