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I know that getting into college can be a mystery.  You don't know exactly what you need to do and no one seems to be able to tell you the answers.  I navigated this by myself and was able to do it but it wasn't easy.  I put a lot of effort into college research and was able to get into the school of my choice.  I attended one of the top boarding schools in the country but I have worked with students from boarding schools to small town high schools to help them get into college. I want to help you so that you can save time, effort, and possibly money during the process.  

I have worked in higher education for almost a decade and have tutored and taught high school students for five years.  This experience gives me a unique perspective on what it takes to get into college and be HAPPY about the decision and CONFIDENT in the process.

Conversely, I've worked with students who have been unsure if college is for them.  I've worked with them through the process of determining their best route to achieve the success for which they strive to have.  There are many options and everyone's path is not destined to begin in the same manner.  Let me help you find out how to navigate to your path.

I am here to help YOU make the BEST decisions!

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