The #1 Reason the 2016 Redesigned SAT is the best SAT: Student Success

May 18, 2016


Hey there! If you’re here you’re wondering all about the 2016 Redesigned SAT test and likely concerned about what the changes are and what the outcomes of the changes will be for you.

There are a lot of factors that go into the answers to these questions but I’m here to help you.  I’ve spent the last 5 years teaching test prep and from the time I took the text in the stone age (early 2000s) to now, there have been a TON of changes.  And similar to the weather lately, the changes have been all over the place and you just don’t know how to prepare.


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If you have been into test prep at all over the last couple of years, you will notice that the SAT… Click To Tweet

If we’re being honest here, the College Board isn’t quite sure how the cards will fall with the 2016 Redesigned SAT either.  These first 3 tests cycles will be the data that they use to decide if they made the right decision and to decide if they need to tweak.  If you have been into test prep at all over the last couple of years, you will notice that the SAT is trending down.  It is no longer the KING of college entrance exams.  The crown has been passed swiftly and confidently to the ACT!   And if you are looking to get into the college of your dreams…you go with the KING!

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This leads us to the number #1 reason the Reason the 2016 Redesigned SAT is the best SAT:

2016 redesigned SAT

  1. It’s a dupe for the ACT! 

    Yup.  The College Board did almost everything in their power to make the new SAT as similar as possible to the ACT.  They took all the great qualities of the ACT (which I’ll discuss in an upcoming post) and squished them into the SAT along with some other interesting changes.   The SAT has been known to be a trickster’s exam in that the questions are not straight forward and the design of the sections keeps you thrown off.  This clearly was not working for them and they had to do something to combat that.  They had to turn their Wicked Witch of the West persona into Glenda the Good Witch as quickly as possible.


If you’ve done any test prep up until this point, the changes could be very confusing and you may now be even more confused about which test is best for you.  If this is the case, no worries.  I can definitely help you with that.  There will be articles similar to this one posted regularly to help you (or your student) and if you need one on one help, I’m offering a limited number of free consultations to help you/your student get into the school of your dreams and prepare for that post high school life.  Click on the picture below to get started:

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